18/09/2014 Blog,

Incorporating a Gender Perspective at the UN

Human Rights Council

This week, I was honored to speak at the Human Rights Council’s “Annual Discussion on Integration of a Gender Perspective.” The objective of this interactive discussion, held at the Palais de Nations in Geneva, was for officials, academics, and diplomats to share best practices, obstacles, and experiences related to gender and the Human Rights Council’s country-focused work.

While the Council and its Special Procedures have increasingly adopted gender perspectives in recent years, much work remains, and many obstacles litter the path to complete progress. I have encountered many such triumphs and obstacles over the course of my own work, and it was truly fascinating to hear about the experiences of others who negotiating similar issues in their research.

Check out the full conference, including my statement, here. I would love to hear your thoughts — on Facebook or Twitter — about ways in which a true gender perspective could better be integrated into my own work and the work of other UN officials and appointees.